You've just landed on a streamlined program recommendation site that aims to rise above the internet noise and float like a luminous compass in the night sky. And even during the day.

The site, made possible by Magyar Telekom, is carefully curated, allowing you to choose from the best events by venue and genre, and even upload your own.

In addition to music, Telekom Spots focuses on theatre, dance, exhibitions, gastronomy and fashion events, fairs, shows, workshops and everything in between.

The Telekom Electronic Beats crew will be on hand to help you select events, as will our regularly changing curatorial contributors. Among them will be people like Lil Frakk, Solére, Barbi Schoblocher and Marci Miskovits. If you're curious to see what activities they recommend every week, you'll also have the chance to check them out on the site.


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