Telekom Electronic Beats

Since 2000, Deutsche Telekom has been a leader in content marketing, focusing on the international music world and lifestyle. The initiative is called Electronic Beats, which started as a music-only initiative but has now expanded into other music-related areas such as design, technology, fashion and art.

Electronic Beats captures the trend-setting, digitally-open mindset of young people aged 18-35 and provides them with creative, style-shaping content, with innovative engagement across different media channels. features short and longer articles by professional journalists, while EB.TV and EB Radio feature in-depth interviews, exclusive music compilations, concert footage, and live broadcasts of electronic music's pioneers, biggest stars, and newcomers, among other things. They are also available on, EB Mixcloud, and YouTube.

In addition, Electronic Beats participates in festivals and organizes concerts across Europe for the best music experiences, where it also makes the latest Telekom products and services available.

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