Temesi Blanka x Lovas Juci és a Frász


Juci Lovas and Blanka Temesi for the first time in Manyi!



Juci the Rider, known from The Band-Aid, and Blanka Temesi the Fras and the Kikeltet will entertain the heartbroken on Father's Day.


2000 Ft

Juci the Horseman and the Fras:

Frász started as a solo project of singer-songwriter Juci Lovas. The members of the group met at a summer music camp and have been working together since autumn 2023. Their music is lyric-oriented, mostly in the genre of alternative-pop. The band was invited to the online show of the Sávlekötő Camp in 2024 and also performed live at the SopronFest.

Temesi Blanka:

Blanka writes songs about her own anxieties, she is currently working on her first album, from which she will perform some new songs during the evening with her band. Last year she performed at Minifishing and this year at Kikeltető.



Se nem foglaltház, se nem romkocsma, de mindenképpen olyan közösségi tér és kultúrgócpont, ami olyan egykori történelmi helyek hagyományát viszi tovább, mint a Kultiplex vagy a West Balkán.

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