Depeche Mode


Having sold more than 100 million records and played to more than 35 million fans worldwide, Depeche Mode remains an ever-evolving and singularly influential musical force. Depeche Mode released their critically acclaimed 15th studio album, Memento Mori, on March 24, 2023 alongside the launch of the Memento Mori tour, with the first single “Ghosts Again” being hailed as “hypnotic” (Rolling Stone) and “a gorgeous, haunting song” (Revolver). An indelible inspiration to fans, critics and artists alike, Depeche Mode continues to forge ahead, with the Memento Mori album and tour representing the opening of the newest chapter of a peerless and ongoing legacy.



On the Memento Mori Tour, Depeche Mode have once again partnered with luxury Swiss watchmaker Hublot to support the band’s charity efforts. Around the tour, Hublot and Depeche Mode will be supporting Conservation Collective, a global network of foundations promoting grassroots environmental initiatives, with a special focus on projects aiming to tackle plastic pollution, waste management, and environmental cleanups. In addition, Depeche Mode will be working with Live Nation’s Green Nation team to reduce the use of single use plastics, improve recycling, and reduce food and other waste on tour and at the venues. For more details on this partnership and these programs, please visit


MVM Dome

MVM Dome is the seventh largest indoor event venue in Europe. Its capacity for sports events and concerts is significantly higher than that of the Budapest Sports Arena. It has 20,022 seats; a total of 50,000 square metres of floor space; innovative, rearrangeable spaces for many indoor sports (handball, basketball and volleyball, futsal, ice hockey, tennis, skating) as well as certain athletic, equestrian and motorcycle competitions, and even swimming competitions and water polo matches in the mobile pool. Through the six entrances to the building, spectators can enter the arena’s interior using eight escalators, leading to the walk-through grandstands accessible on three levels. The structure of the building’s exterior is reminiscent of muscle fibres: the light strips placed on the outward-leaning, elliptical sections not only embrace the building, but the light shows, programmed using various colours, appear to set the entire building in motion. There is a 600 square metre display on the façade of the building. The Main Entrance leads to an impressive foyer, where visitors will be greeted by a grandiose hanging light installation of 848 handmade glass tubes. The programmable sports lighting is also suitable for HDTV broadcasts of the highest-level world competitions, as well as for super-slow-motion recordings due to flicker free technology. The lighting system also plays an important role in the events and concerts, as it is suitable for changing the colour temperature of the auditorium, which means that the lighting functions can be changed without rearranging the arena, only through the pre-programmed lighting controls. This design is the first and is unique in Europe for luminaires of this power. A central display (cube) provides information in the auditorium during the events.

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