⛩️Tribe of DOJO⛩️


Enter a realm of intrigue and excitement as DOJO Boutique Club presents a night like no other - Tribe of DOJO.



Cloaked in your most enigmatic attire, become part of the Tribe, where each beat of the music is a whisper from a distant universe, and every step you take leads you deeper into the mystery.

Enchanted visuals shall intertwine with the music, igniting flames of wonder within your very soul.🏮

Indulge in cocktails crafted to transcend the ordinary. These elixirs hold the essence of ancient rituals and modern alchemy. Sip, savor, and let the potion guide you through the night's journey. 🍸

Prepare to be entranced by a lineup of mystical maestros: TheFirth and Ramim Sayyah, as they conjure an unforgettable auditory journey.

Step up and think together to create a new groove for the tribe of DOJO forever…




(Upon entering the event, you hereby grant consent for the capture of photographs and videos featuring your presence.)


DOJO Boutique Club

At ⛩ we talk and laugh loudly, toast high and dance late from thursday to saturday.

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