Treehouse Crew: D365, Spy C, Blanch, Doki


We will not be short of good electronic music on Széll Kálmán Square this friday.



After the huge, crispy rounds in the summer, there was no question that the Treehouse crew would continue to colour the easy sound in the club season.

The young group of friends will provide the essential good vibes for an all-night house party at Easy.

There will be everything for the eyes, mouth and ears.

Happy tunes, nice deep pulsating beats, dark hypnotic energies.


Everyone is welcome!


EASY Art Space

An EASY option in Buda: for a drink, an exhibition, a DJ set and more recently, film screenings near Nemdebar, 101Bistro and Pingrumba. Széll Kálmán Square is buzzing again, and the aforementioned easy-does-it art space is one of the best examples of this.

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