Surrogate mothers

2023-10-17T22:00:00.000Z  -  2023-12-01T23:00:00.000Z

sketch performance in one part



Wednesday, October 18, 2023
  • 17:30-19:00
    Surrogate mothers
Sunday, November 5, 2023
  • 15:00-16:30
    Surrogate mothers
Saturday, December 2, 2023
  • 18:30-20:00
    Surrogate mothers

Balázs Czukor: Surrogate Mothers

The performance is recommended for audience over 16 years!

"After the birth, I was immediately separated, I couldn't even touch her. They bundled her up and put her in a cot not far from me. No one hugged her, even though she was crying so much. Then one of the nurses called the baby's parents on video chat. She filmed the baby and me to make sure I was okay. She congratulated the parents. Who knows when they'll come for her. I thought I was getting stronger. I thought it would be easier to break away. I can still hear her crying a lot."

- excerpt from the performance

(If the performance starts at 19.30, the performance is expected to end at 20.45. The performance will be performed without intermission.)

Opening night: 26 November 2022, 19.30 House Stage



The Vígszínház is one of the most historic and popular theatres in Budapest. Its three venues (the Main Stage, the House Stage Studio and Chamber, the Pest Theatre) have a total of more than 1700 seats. The theatre is also known as the cradle of modern Hungarian bourgeois drama, with famous authors such as Jenő Heltai, Sándor Bródy, Dezső Szomory, Menyhért Lengyel, Ernő Szép, Sándor Hunyady, Ferenc Herczeg, and others. In the 21st century, the majority of the world's theatres with large auditoriums have lost a good part of their audience. Despite this trend, the premieres of the Vígszínház are successful, and its performances are well attended. The theatre is located on the Újlipótváros side of Szent István körút in Budapest.

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