Slapstick? AlbumRelease


Finally, the Slapstick? spaceship takes off, but the journey will not be smooth. How do a small group of very different characters get through everyday life on a ship stranded in the middle of nowhere? We'll tell the story we've been developing for almost three years, while having a blast! We'll be joined by all the lovely faces we've worked with recently, and we've got lots of surprises in store! On December 2nd, leave everything behind and join us on this journey!??⭐️



In February 2017, the 300-capacity Lokál opened with a new look and a new name. The Aquarium Club, with its two concert venues, is the perfect alternative to the two concert halls, with its beautiful and unique cocktails and stunning interior design.



As they describe themselves, it is Budapest's most frequented venue, which is also multifunctional. Akvárium is great for award ceremonies, afternoon coffees and, most importantly, concerts, thanks to the well-picked, cross-genre selection.

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