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Mamma Mia!

2023-11-30T23:00:00.000Z  -  2023-12-01T23:00:00.000Z




A Greek island bathed in sunshine. All surrounded by a sparkling turquoise sea. Cosy tavernas, delicious food, mavrodaphne... Simply idyllic - perfect to visit, stay, return - and of course live. Donna Sheridan, an independent, determined woman, chose this extraordinary setting as her home, and it was here that her daughter Sophie was born twenty years ago. Sophie, who, unlike her mother, has always dreamed of passionate love and a huge white wedding, is longing for this beautiful Mediterranean island. But she plans to embark on her great journey not alone, but with her chosen one, Sky. There is only one small thing that could cloud their marriage: Sophie wants her father to give her away, but he doesn't know her...


FRIDAY, DEC 1, 19:00

SATURDAY, DEC 2, 14:30

SATURDAY, DEC 2, 19:00


Madách Theater

There is still an “era” in the Madách Theater. The era of the rise and success of musical theater. The change began in 1983 with Cats, whose decades-long series of success provided a solid foundation for the next defining step: the legendary 2003 performance of The Phantom of the Opera. Both performances were directed by Tamás Szirtes, who was elected director of the Madách Theater in 2004. Under his direction, the Madách Theater embarked on a path that has resulted in a successful musical theater of outstanding quality. World-famous musicals line up in his program, which are usually in large blocks, so-called they are staged according to the en suite playing order, and each performance remains on the show for years. The basic aim of the theater is to give the viewer the same experience even after 10 years as at the premiere.

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