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Freakin' Disco shows live how they are working on new songs. Check out the creative process.

The "CHAMBER ELECTRONICS" is a rare organism in nature that has grown out of the concrete as a side project of Freakin' Disco members, independent of the band. In fact, it is an improvisational symbiotic life-form whose four independent components form a group in a space at varying intervals. This interconnection takes place with the express purpose of transforming their nourishment into vibrations and waves through a collective force, and then emitting them through instruments to create one of nature's wonders, which we call music.

Gábor Keresztes - keyboards, samples, scratch, electronica

András Csizmás - bass instruments, electronica

Szabó Sipos Ágoston - drums

Komjáti Áron - guitar

After the concert Infragandhi will keep the atmosphere up.

Entrance fee (only on site): until midnight 1.500 HUF, from midnight 2.000 HUF

Opening: 21:00

Concert starts: 23:00

The Freakin' Disco concert is supported by the NKA.

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Red-tinted nightclub. David Lynch would approve.

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