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30Y_X lemezbemutató


30Y_X album release concert in Miskolc at Helynekem!

Guest is the Beat Poet.



The 30Y is just the four people who have lived together for twenty-three years. An impossible undertaking. No one should try it at home, or if they do, take it seriously. You can't do it without love. It cannot be done without the will to love. Dissolve yourself so that you remain. Our story is long and convoluted, and like all good stories, interesting. You laugh a lot, you cry a lot. You can write your way into our story, you've obviously already written it, we've become you and you've become us. These four people, not these four people. This is love, not ours. It's not yours. It has no possessor, no object, no direction, no beginning, no end. It embraces you if you dare to let it, embraces you if you dare to embrace it. You are.

30Y's tenth studio album will be released on 1 December 2023, entitled X.

30Y as a creative community does not have a creative methodology. We have no tried and tested tools, no routine circles, I throw the theme in at the top, the 30Y song falls out at the bottom. Sometimes we regret that. We've had to go down the mine for all of our records, but perhaps we've never been down such deep and intricate mine shafts before. There has never been so much understanding and misunderstanding, so much doubt, so many new perspectives on ourselves and each other, so many wounds, joys, doubts, emotions, both for ourselves and for each other. The world around us has never got under our skin so much, there has never been so much darkness, and perhaps never before have we been so angry, so helpless, so vulnerable together. Meanwhile, the four of us had never had such a different experience in our private lives than we had in those years. X, our X, speaks of this. Not about the fullness of life, not about wanting it, but rather about faith in it, trust, the breaking down of distances, the naive desire for freedom and the love without which no human life can be lived. Certainly not ours.



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