A Flirt - Record release concert - guest: the Pontiac duo


Flirt's debut album is entitled "Once Upon a Time", where the album encompasses the changes of the last two years, both musically and personally. The band has had a lot of impulses and individually the musicians have changed, as if nothing is constant, yet the aim is to strive for permanence. "Once Upon a Time" is an imprint of those moments.

The two precursors to the album are 'Running Out of Patience' and 'Eyes', which were released in the autumn along with self-directed music videos, with the full album due in November, which can be heard in its entirety for the first time live on 2 December.



Flirt was formed in the autumn of 2021, their style is progressive pop-rock, the lyrics in Hungarian and the complex instrumentation convey the feeling of a first date: with lots of twists and turns, flirting and intrigue, they stretch the string until they discover each other.

In the spring of 2022 they won the Fülesbagoly Talent Contest in Debrecen, released their first single "Ragadd Meg", and later had the pleasure of filming several live session series, including Petőfi Tv Akusztik, and also filmed with Hajógyár.


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