Pinkers, TAO


Pinkers was formed in 2017 as Pink and the Panthers. The group, which mainly plays acid jazz, has already achieved a lot of success in its first 5 years.




In 2022, as well as a shift towards a more popular genre, the line-up of the band changed significantly. The founding members, Edvárd Pink on keyboards and Balázs Takács on bass, were joined by Botond Ádám Ádám on vocals, Domonkos Berkó on saxophone and Benjámin Berczi on drums.

The new formation continues its journey as Pinkers, captivating the audience with its fresh and dynamic sound. Through the images in their lyrics, we get a glimpse into the sometimes volatile emotions of a generation: both committed and in search of freedom, both predictable and spontaneous.

First appearance - North Pole:

The PINKERS' latest song, North Pole, takes a unique perspective on a psychological state of mind that is inescapable for everyone: heartbreak. The bed is empty and cold, and we keep replaying in our minds what we did wrong...

We travel in the car without our love, but we still hear his voice in our heads. Then, in the chorus, comes the big question: where is the road to lost love? While it may seem that the new PINKERS song is melancholic, you can be sure that you haven't heard it enough: it will cheer you up and you'll definitely be able to shout the lyrics in a festival audience!


This year marks the fifth anniversary of TAO, the lyric-centric, singing-dancing, "fusion pop" band. After their concept album Próbaidő (Rehearsal Time), this year they are back with more pop songs. They ignore all trends: "it's all about the songs and making music together." Their songs tell the story of the lives and feelings of drifting girls, hesitant or even adventurous guys. It's pretty contemporary stuff, mindful, introspective. Their online presence is spotty, best sought out in music stores.


A38 Ship

Converted from a coal-mining ship, the A38 is easily Budapest's most unique concert venue. The belly of the ship has been home to a wide range of live and electronic music for almost 20 years, and when it's full you can feel the rhythmic movement of the partygoers making waves in the Danube. Foreign acts often refer to it afterwards as their favourite club.

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