fromtheredsun & Perfekt Square


Fromtheredsun's alternative rock quartet and Perfekt Square's "Budapest Grunge" style will be playing in our Clubroom on 7 December.




Whether it's a desert sandstorm, a rainy autumn day or the afterglow of a club concert, fromtheredsun tries to draw inspiration from everywhere. Just as the members of the band were blown together by chance, the songs themselves are an unusual mix. Fear, anger, sadness, uncertainty and a little hope that all will be well.

Alternative rock quartet who just enjoy making music.

Perfect Square

Declan, Eric, Misi and Sanyi found each other again in 2020 after a gap of about 8 years, when they wanted to create something different and original together after their previous experiences in a cover band. Things turned out better than expected, and from 2021 the band started writing and playing their own songs in a style they dubbed "Budapest Grunge". Their debut EP "Salt Water Anger" was released in 2022, and they soon started recording their first album. Their lyrics about our society and their own feelings combined with heavy riffs move the mind and body!


Turbina Cultural Center

Turbina Cultural Center houses an ever-growing set of musical and art events in the heart of the 8th district.

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