Flanger Kids - Backpack Session and Paperdeer live act


On 30 November, the latest live set of Flanger Kids, Backpack Session will debut at the Központ, where Fanny and Panka will remix their previously released songs live, taking the songs they've played in concert and reimagining them in a more improvisational form. The name and initial idea behind the set was to have a duo line-up that could fit all the necessary gear in two backpacks.



This evening is also the release party for the Flanger Kids remix of Paperdeer's Gazsiafter, which will also be played at Központ!


22.00 - 23.30: Flanger Kids - Backpack Session

from 23.30: Paperdeer live act


PAPERDEER from Copenhagen-Budapest will perform a unique live act and live band production of alternative house and mixed electronic music inspired by the Scandinavian soundscape. Formed in 2012, the duo has released two albums and several small albums, collaborated with several foreign artists and produced several remixes. Their main genre is electronica, drawing from a variety of soundscapes, but not relying on any one genre. Besides musicians, they often collaborate with other artistic disciplines (e.g. painting,

film, animation, graphics and poetry).



A popular unit of the Madách square hipster central, from the cellar to the upper floor.

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