“The album is a life-affirming testimony about the love of music, emotions, musical homeliness, and the intertwining of all these. It was released in December 2023, the title is the singer’s name, and it’s also reflects the awareness that characterizes the entire record. Besides Hungarian, four languages ​​are spoken on the record, belonging to the ethnicities that live with us and affect us the most. These peoples have been shaping Hungarian culture and music for hundreds of years, so the album also includes Turkish, Romanian, Gypsy and Croatian songs. In addition to authentic Hungarian folk music, you can also hear poems set to music, world music, and sung tales.



“The first solo album of Fatima Szalay is the most exciting record this year. She has great potential, and her band has a fresh style, sidestepping stereotypes.” Endre Liber, Hangvető

Szalay Fatima – voice/ének

Danhauser Pál – violin/hegedű

Bálint László Domonkos – viola/brácsa

Tóth Máté – double bass/nagybőgő

Szlama László – koboz

Avas Bendegúz – klarinét

Tickets are available at the venue. First come, first served!


Nyitott Műhely

The Open Workshop is a fine place, a place where many different kinds of people can feel at home, which is to say that there is something that is rare and difficult to create, the spirit of the place. This spirit is very sympathetic to me, because it means both that there are shows that interest me and that the occasional stew is okay. And that I'm likely to meet people there who I'm happy to meet, and it's not even out of the question that they're me. Such public (open) spaces are rare in Budapest.

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