Hegedűs Józsi grew up in a village in Békés County, and although his family didn't understand what he was doing with the guitar when he moved to Budapest and applied to the Kikeltető talent show, the musician community in the capital quickly embraced him.



Before the release of his first album, Carson Coma invited him to play in front of them on their national tour. In 2022-2023 he performed solo in almost every corner of the country, from village fairs to Fishing on Orfű. Many people compare him to Tamás Cseh, and some even say he is the Romani Cseh Tamás. His debut album "I'm killing the fear in my heart", released last summer, was the category winner in the singer-songwriter category of Telex After's year-end list. He is currently working on the follow-up to his second album with producers Kamau Makumi and Máriusz Fodor and his newly formed band, with whom he will be touring this spring as a guest of Platon Karataev under the name "Hegedűs Józsi and the Wild Flower Band".

Tickets in advance: 1.500 HUF | Tickets at the venue: 2.500 HUF


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