Flowʍolꓞ / Alva / Railway Station Dogs


We will present you a slice of underground rock in a unique evening, where psychedelic, grunge and progressive sounds will be combined!



- Flowʍolꓞ:

A psychedelic-rock band with progressive elements, with song-centric, typically sinister melodies.

Their new album 'Alcohol & Darkness', released in autumn 2023, also captures this mood!

- Alva:

The band Alva is a grunge-stoner-psychedelic rock-metal formation of tried and tested underground musicians who have come up with the best music of their lives.

They take you on a soul-baring journey with the debut of their album Out of This Madness, released in January.

- Railway Station Dog:

Instrumental grungcore fusion, funky, post-atmospheric, crosses over into slow-mo swamp stoner!

Since 2023, the band has been back in operation again, starting as a trio and then joined by vocalist Márk Csiaki towards the end of the year.

2 albums and a couple of demos followed by vocal songs

hello and woo!!!


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