Zságer Balázs, keyboardist-producer, label owner (Zagarmusic, Free Sequence, Move Gently Records) is an iconic figure of the Hungarian electronic music scene since 00'. He was the keyboardist and co-writer Yonderboi's cult album Shallow and Profound. As the leader and mastermind of Žagar he produced four studio albums and many soundtracks. His tunes has been appeared in TV series like CSI. His music is broadcasting by various radios worldwide. Žagar's unique tracks was remixed by producers like Deadbeat, Minilogue and Vakula among others.

Zságer’s main virtue is the versatility and distinctiveness and the constantly evolving artistic approach. After 20 years as a member of Žagar, he has started his own solo project and launched an audiovisual duo with Kati Katona, visual artist. In his live acts he is mostly performing on multiple synthesizers, to create dream- and tale-like, other-worldly sonic worlds. In his music a sense of transcendent possibility emerges; his evocative and arresting compositions often feel as powerful and confronting as they do intimate, organic and tender meanwhile he try to keep his listener in a continuous state of mind.




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