4Bards is a band. There are four of them and they sing - hence the name:

4Bards. There are two songwriters in the group, so their music is bipolar. On one side is a social media manager with a minor in biblical studies who focuses on the lyrics, and on the other side is a music teacher with a master's degree from the Academy of Music. A dear acquaintance once described their music as "eclectic". Since then, in different situations, if different people want to hear a term to put 4Bards' songs in their head without having listened to them, they say: eclectic rock'n'roll. They firmly believe that this is how it had to start, that they couldn't have started any other way - but this. Two years later, the Bards have released another single, with three songs about love, one way or another. And also about rows, wine, oria wheels in Pest and Buda, burnt-out old men in Orfun in the forties, and the fact that from here on out, "you can't live on love". The year 2022 contained hits to fill the gaps, but also completely new songs, which are included in the Vegan Szexshop album, released in February 2023. "Come with a watching, patient ear, help me, and what's truncated here will be whole."

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