A well-rehearsed ensemble is connected by an invisible, elastic band among each other: if one side is pulled, all move accordingly. The band Woodoism fully corresponds to this idea: As if on a taut net, the four musicians move confidently and extremely changeably through their compositions, the harmonious interplay always perfectly coordinated. At times, their youthful nonchalance and inner calm, which is directly transmitted to the audience, is astonishing - at other times, their discreet humor and infectious playing mood is captivating.

After the quartet came together in 2014 as Woodoism, Florian Weiss (tb) Linus Amstad (as), Valentin v. Fischer (b) and Philipp Leibundgut (dr) released their debut album Woodoism three years later. In 2019, the second disc Refugium follows on the German label Neuklang. The press praises the "magical brew" and also the courage to move somewhere between cool and free jazz with their original compositions. The band manages to never let itself be taken out of its own dynamic and has already swum free of everything that could be put on them as a stamp early on. They tell their musical stories with such a differentiated and entertaining sound spectrum that you fall completely under their spell and can't stop listening to them. With Alternate Reality, the band now presents their third album in spring 2021, released on Nils Wogram's label NWog Records.

Since 2020, Woodoism has been supported by Pro Helvetia's Priority Jazz Funding. The band is a winner of the Jazzpreis' of the Zürcher Kantonalbank and its Audience Award 2018 and has already toured Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Russia and the Netherlands, among others. (Isumi Rögner, 2021)

In the days following the concert at Opus Jazz Club, the quartet will record their new album at BMC, which is expected to be released in 2024.

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