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Yung Alvin is a 22-year-old rapper from Budapest who started making music in the summer of 2020. At first he worked mainly in a melancholic, emo-rap style, but since then he has moved to a much broader palette. His music has elements of hip-hop, pop, hyperpop, trap, rock and punk.

His first major breakthrough came with the release of his song "Bomba" in the spring of 2022, which he made in collaboration with Sola and GNOV. Since then, he has been involved in a number of collaborations and has built up a small following.

Alvin has so far released three albums: "SadBoiShit, Part 1." in December 2021, "blank " in October 2022, and subsequently "Egy kicsit másképp" in December 2022 in collaboration with Green Heart. On all three albums you can hear the emotional and personal themes that Yung Alvin reflects on in his lyrics.

He is currently a performer with NeWave Hungary and has performed with his collective in several concerts since September 2021. Alvin's music has changed a lot from his first songs to his latest ones, but his unique style and sound has remained, attracting many listeners from all over the country and beyond.

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