ASAN Budapest

The ASAN Budapest collective was formed as an indie label back in 2014. From the outset we released music from different genres like underground bass music, soul-electronic and hip-hop. Through the years we have booked artists from across the UK scene such as Ivy Lab, The Mouse Outfit, Om Unit, and the Strange U (High Focus Records) to perform in the Budapest club scene. We have also promoted multiple workshops, exhibitions and other events of fine art.

The first studio launched in 2017 where we started working on audio post-production (mixing, mastering) and sound design. The music producers on our label have a wide variety of creative outlets, from composing beats and background music for custom use as well as license and sync (ads for science/tech/fashion segment and podcasts), they also release their own music as artists. Even though music production is our main profile, we work as a 360 service which includes branding, design and artwork. Parts of our work in the music industry are done through outsourcing partnerships.

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