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Nép-Szín-Ház Járdafesztivál 2023

2023-09-30T12:00:00.000Z  -  2023-10-01T18:00:00.000Z

Live Music / World Kitchen / Civic Courage, or the Jardin Festival in the People's House Street again!

Concert after concert, with the Seven Six Club, the Verőköltő, the Azta Orchestra, András Tolnai, the king of singing songs and many others.



Don't just listen, be an integral part of the street cavalcade:

- Bring your instrument and join the improvisational Járda Jam Session, tune into each other.

- Take a stroll through the street's restaurants with our map booklet GastroMoment 2023.

- Grab a bite of the best of world cuisine. The restaurants of the street have a special offer for this weekend: ask for a tasting of the Festival Bites for no more than 1000 HUF.

- Walk into the theatre and the artists of the East-West Creative Workshop will bring the performance to the street.

- Marvel at the artworks installed in restaurants by artists from the Useless Gallery.

- Learn about urban life: we'll explore the role of urban research, street barbecues, graffiti and book reading.

- Let social issues find you: talk to the participating NGOs.


The programme is part of the Budapest Tuning competition, in partnership with Budapest Brand nZrt.



The best things to do in Budapest! Several medieval bridges connect the 2 sides of the city that give it its name: Buda and Pest. Cruising along the Danube is a great way to see Budapest in all its glory.

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