Legowelt | Kassem Mosse | Q3A aka Route 8 | Isu


International house and techno club night at the House of Music! We'll be joined by Legowelt, the versatile Dutch freak and synth magician, as well as obscure house master Kassem Mosse from Germany, Route 8 (under the pseudonym Q3A) from Hungary with computer game-inspired techno, and Isu, the inescapable pioneer of the Hungarian scene, with a carefully selected selection of his records (from Chicago to Detroit), ready for the Koncert Hall sound system. Those arriving on time can sample Barnaq natural wines and champagnes. See you on the dance floor...




  • Legowelt (live) [Bunker, Clone, Cocoon, L.I.E.S. Records]
  • Kassem Mosse (live) [Ominira, Workshop, The Trilogy Tapes]
  • Q3A aka Route 8 (live) [Delsin, This Is Our Time]
  • Isu (vinyl set) [Aktrecords, Technokunst]

House of Music Hungary

A music education centre and concert venue in the heart of the City Park, behind the airy futuristic glass facade of Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto.

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