FLUIDIA / Kozmofobe / DJ Gandharva

2024-02-23T18:00:00.000Z  -  2024-02-28T23:00:00.000Z

Fluidia is a new player in Hungarian electronic music. He is a singer, songwriter and producer. His music is a mix of chillstep and downtempo, liquid drum & bass and deep house, all in a radio-friendly pop music guise. Thought-provoking and unsettling, upbeat and restrained, devilish and angelic...



Kozmofobe is a singer, songwriter, producer, committed to cinematic and orchestral pop, mixing electronic, harsh soundscapes with symphonic, film music elements. His lyrics are often about pain, anger, letting go, sometimes about freedom and devotion. The producer has also sung in other genres. 'Last Day of My Life' was named 'Song of the Year' in the 2021 Promising Titans competition.

Founder of Budabeats Records, Dj Gandharva has been DJing and collecting records for over 15 years. He approaches DJing from a classical record culture perspective, playing vinyl to this day. His tastes are eclectic, ranging from funk-soul-jazz roots, hip-hop, disco, Latin, African, Jamaican and psychedelic guitar music to the latest house and fusion.


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