Free Jam Session Nights: LFZE OPEN JAM

2024-01-02T21:00:00.000Z  -  2024-02-27T22:30:00.000Z

Every Tuesday evening, the young musicians of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music welcome the audience looking for the thrill of spontaneous joyful music-making and musicians who want to join in the fun at the Budapest Jazz Club. Each week, a different group of talented LFZE students will guarantee you a fun-filled evening of sophisticated jazz music and a varied, improvisational start to the week!



The LFZE ensembles are typically made up of the latest generation of young people, most of whom are aged 18 or over, and most of whom have applied to the LFZE after graduating from the Béla Bartók Music Secondary School, better known as the Bartók Konzi. As can be seen at the semi-annual and end-of-year performances of the concerts, the audience includes a significant number of friends and family members of the orchestra members, so that the concerts have a wide age range and a family atmosphere.

Information on how to pay for accommodation and travel expenses and further details on participation in the Jam will be sent by e-mail.


  • 01.02. Kapolcsi-Szabó Levente Trio
  • 01.09. János Egri Jr. Trio
  • 01.16. Claudia Castagno Quartet
  • 01.23. Gergely Edvárd Trio
  • 01.30. Barnabás Bolyki Quartet
  • 02.06. Szabolcs Horváth Trio
  • 02.13. Ganyi Róbert Trio
  • 02.20. Bíborka Zsombori Quartet
  • 02.27. Jécsai Bori Quartet

Budapest Jazz Club

If you are looking for light but still quality entertainment, if you feel you are committed to jazz or you are about to get the first taste of it, come and join us at the center of jazz life, the Budapest Jazz Club. Besides the impressive palace interior and the exceptional sound quality we also would like to invite you to our friendly jazz café and bistro-style restaurant. You can enjoy the sounds of a Steinway B model in the Club, and a Blüthner piano in the café. We bring you not only the world famous stars of club-life but also the well-known faces of national and international jazz. One of our aims is to support the birth of perfomances in different styles with keeping the concept of jazz as the symbol of high standards in mind.

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