Psychological Background for Everyday


Come and join us for our weekly workshops, where the emphasis is on creating a friendly and focused atmosphere for learning. Only genuine learning, inspired by the wisdom of Marshall Rosenberg and Daniel Goldman.



Here's the plan:

🔍 Skill Exploration: We'll break down the theories, ensuring you understand the essentials in a meaningful way.

💡 Real-Life Application: Once we've got the basics down, it's time to put these skills to the test in your everyday situations. No more theory-only zones here!

🤹 Practical Exercises: Get ready for hands-on practice. We're taking real-life scenarios from your week, applying what you've learned, and diving into role-playing. It's skill-building with a friendly twist!

Workshop Languages: There will be one workshop in Hungarian and one in English.

Participation: If you want to participate, just write "Going" on the event and complete the following form

Why join us?

✨ Connect with a friendly bunch on the same learning journey.

✨ Master skills that genuinely make a difference in your daily life.

✨ Enjoy a welcoming atmosphere focused on meaningful growth.

Ready to make our workshops a staple in your week? Mark your calendar, invite your friends, and let's make learning practical and friendly!

📅 Event Details:

🕖 Date & Time: Every Second Saturday from 16:00 to 18:00

📍 Location: Manyi

Spread the word, bring your positive vibes, and let's make learning an enriching experience!

See you there! 🚀🌟



Se nem foglaltház, se nem romkocsma, de mindenképpen olyan közösségi tér és kultúrgócpont, ami olyan egykori történelmi helyek hagyományát viszi tovább, mint a Kultiplex vagy a West Balkán.

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