Captain Knuckles

From the start of the 1990’s Captain Knuckles started collecting vinyls and made mixes for fun. Knuckles was influenced by various styles of music in which he learned new technics in mixing and got more productive in producing. The Captain’s aim was to get familiar with the 2000’s night life in Budapest and the underground street culture. He began to play in front of audiences at illegal parties around 2010. These parties were called IllFest, which gained recognition from Mixmag and other media presses. From this point on his life changed.

Recently Captain Knuckles has been playing in well known clubs all around Budapest such as A38, Cinema Hall, Corvin Club, Akvarium Club. Has also played at great festivals in Hungary as B my Lake and Balaton Sound Festival at lake Balaton, Sziget Festival at Óbudai Island and many more. He has played at clubs with artists such as Nick Curly, Chris Carrier, Reboot, Robert Babicz, Butch, Karotte, Sascha Dive, Nakadia, Super Flu, Alex Picone, Daniel Bortz etc. But where his heart really belongs is Aether Club, where he’s a resident since it’s opened in 2015 December. He often plays at series called RAW which are always tip-topper because of it’s chaning thematics and special sound. Earlier, from 2012 he became a resident for Citymatiné which is an open air - daytime party series based in Budapest Hungary, also runned by the guys who established Aether Club. Citymatiné is moving around the city’s best open air venues and playing the smoothest of music. The residents of the series beside Captain Knuckles are the well known Dj Sobek and the Monolit duo. They also invites other talented hungarian DJs, and from the third season internationally renowned guests such as La Fleur, Sebo K, Gorge, Cassy, Bas Ibellini, Dewalta, Cesar Merveille. The citymatiné crew is also famous for their sessions, they’re making tapes at the rummest places in Budapest.

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