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Isn't there still YouTube to learn how to hard-flip?

Is your first sheet not an Element but a 'do-it-yourself' veneer board?

Does the police take you in even if you're lying on the grass?

Welcome to the heyday of socialist skateboarding!



King Skate

colour/black & white, Czech documentary

in Czech, with Hungarian subtitles

directed by Simon Safranek

82 min


Czechoslovakia, late 70s. The crushing of the Prague Spring of 1968 is followed by a communist resurgence, then called "normalisation". The deficit economy is rampant. The mood is frosty, even as people queue for bananas.

But for a few boys, their lives are changed forever when one of them receives a skateboard from his father, Milos Forman, who lives in the US. And so begins a non-stop party on the streets of Prague. The skate to freedom begins.

The screening is free! Arrive early and expect a party!



Not even Gozsdu was standing when TELEP was, and it's still welcoming the most easy-going human elements.

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