Évi Jámbor: Finally we can play!

2023-11-30T18:00:00.000Z  -  2023-12-11T22:30:00.000Z

At first you just see a nice little house.

It is a wooden summer house on the banks of the Tisza. Peaceful atmosphere, peaceful landscape. But look closer.



The house, like a silent ghost, floats above the ground (clever architects have put it on its feet to protect it from possible flooding). Is it day or night? - you ask. The canopy of the trees and the pillars of the building have grown long shadows. No one near or far. Or is there? - you squint compulsively in the darkness, glancing towards the house. Inside, someone has left the light on.

The banks of the Tisza have always held a specialt place in Jámbor Évi's heart: it was here that she wandered along the embankments and through the floodplain forests, where she learned to swim. The landscapes, places and moments of her childhood are now brought to life in her latest series of pictures. Although his landscapes and still lifes are based on realistic elements, they have a fairy-tale quality: but these dream images, into which the artist enlarges and to which he invites us, do not always bode well.

Évi Jámbor's peculiar universe sometimes makes us shudder, sometimes makes us laugh, but one thing is certain: the images she creates always contain traces of human presence.



Not even Gozsdu was standing when TELEP was, and it's still welcoming the most easy-going human elements.

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