Art Fair and Affair: Pre-Christmas Sale and Party


Get ready to spice up your holiday season at the Art Fair and Affair: Pre-Christmas Sale and Party, hosted by Kunstfuck Art Residency



Get ready to spice up your holiday season at the Art Fair and Affair: Pre-Christmas Sale and Party, hosted by Kunstfuck Art Residency. It's not just an event; it's an art fiesta happening at STUDIO22 (1081 Budapest, Népszínház u. 22., 3rd floor, bell 16). No entrance fee.

Now, prepare to be mesmerized by the most seductive artworks ranging from 3000 to 15,000ft. **These are not your grandma's paintings; they're the cheeky brainchildren of the Kunstfuck Art Residency artists. **Picture this: reclining nudes, standing provocateurs, art that flirts with your imagination. It's a whole sexhibition! These tantalizing pieces, crafted during nude sketching sessions, embrace various poses and techniques — collage, ink, gold leaf, pastel, watercolor.

About Kunstfuck Art Residency: Kunstfuck is not just a space; it's a multi-educational haven offering painting classes, live drawing sessions, lectures, and diverse art programs. The name, Kunstfuck, reflects a post-modernistic attitude to art and is a playful nod to the famous University of Arts in Stockholm — Konstfack (Konst — art, fack — faculty, Swedish).

But that's not all! Brace yourself for the enchanting jazz-indie vibes of Budapest's musical maverick, Alösha Zelensky. His tunes will be the soundtrack to your artful adventure, and a bar will be available to soothe thirsts of other kinds.

Fun Fact: The professional collaboration of Oksana Devochkina and Alösha Zelensky kicked off in 2018, taking them on a journey from participating in the Venice Biennale Arte in 2022 to landing in Budapest. Their mission? To enrich the cultural scene with semi-private art events and hidden locations.

**Come celebrate the holidays with a fusion of art, music, and a dash of mischief. **The Art Fair and Affair is not just an event; it's a happening. This year’s event is hosted at STUDIO22, a new creative space in downtown Budapest, home to art workshops, exhibitions, cultural events. See you at there at Népszínház utca 22 on December 9th!



STUDIO22, a multi-functional creative space in downtown Budapest offers community-based all-arts programs (exhibitions, music, film, performing arts) and workshops, as well as acts as an arts management office.

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