Flow Paper Scissors | Collage Workshop for Adults


A meditative associative collage workshop with vintage newspapers, interesting textures, inspiring music and free creation. The perfect opportunity to reflect and connect with each other through collaborative creation.



The idea of the workshop originated from our meditative collage evenings where we created  on an associative basis.This monthly event, which started in the fall of  2022, is a free flowing collage session accompanied by music. Our experience has been that the reflective creation of the collages has shifted our conversations and attunement in an open and deeper direction. We have always found these sessions very recharging and uplifting. I would like to bring this intimate atmosphere to a larger audience.

Visual art offers an opportunity for people to connect with each other through music and collaboration, to reflect on their inner thoughts with collage techniques.

The idea for the workshop came from evenings spent with friends making paper collages while listening to music and talking. We noticed that the music and the direction of the conversation had an unintentional influence on our creations. Later we made visual, free-associative reflections directly on the music. We would like to share this informal, uplifting experience with you. Through the spontaneous technique of collage, you can connect not only with the music, but also with yourself and each other, and have a meditative, relaxing experience.

First we will tune in through short introductory exercises, and then we will create in a deep and free way.

No previous training is required for this workshop. We will provide the tools and materials, but if you have any interesting newspapers, papers, textures you would like to use from home, please feel free to bring them.

We have exciting vintage newspapers, inspiring textures and colours for you to use.

〰 Location: Manyi - Kulturális Műhely

〰 Date: 16 December 2023 - Saturday - 15:00-18:00

〰 Number of people: the workshop works best with 10-15 people, so please drop us a message on @flow_papir_ollo Insta or Flow Papír Olló Facebook page if you want to come!

〰You can help the project run by making a donation-based contribution. The recommended donation is 3000-6000 HUF, depending on your financial situation and discretion.

(If you can't afford it now, please send us a message and we'll work it out!)

The session will be led by graphic designer Timi Terenyei (https://www.instagram.com/timea_terenyei/) and cultural manager Eszti Knopp.



Se nem foglaltház, se nem romkocsma, de mindenképpen olyan közösségi tér és kultúrgócpont, ami olyan egykori történelmi helyek hagyományát viszi tovább, mint a Kultiplex vagy a West Balkán.

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