Pogány Induló


As we watch the domestic concert scene evolve, we are no longer at all surprised when, from one moment to the next, the country's biggest venues are filled with local stars we have heard little or nothing about. One of them is Marcell Szirmai, aka Pogány Induló, who will take the stage of the country's largest indoor hall in the spring of 2024.



Why are tens of thousands of people already fans of a guy who only entered adulthood a few months ago? One of those qualities is honesty. Marcell Szirmai, a.k.a. Pogány Induló's unbroken and growing success is clearly also due to the fact that he doesn't pretend, he is really like he is on stage, like he is in real life, his lyrics reflect the world he represents. He's been hailed as the mature voice of his generation, bringing the glory of 'old school' rap back into the public consciousness with his debut album 'Time Stops', which quickly caught the attention of the hip-hop industry in his home country. Ekhoe often appears at the Pogány Induló gigs. The two guys know each other as good friends, and the duo, known on social media as "Kupak and Kubak", have already recorded several songs together. Pogány Induló, aka Szirmai Marci, is a true multi-talented musician who played the violin and competed in recitation competitions before he started rapping in high school. His unique organ and the stark reality of his lyrics immediately caught the attention of the masses.


MVM Dome

MVM Dome is the seventh largest indoor event venue in Europe. Its capacity for sports events and concerts is significantly higher than that of the Budapest Sports Arena. It has 20,022 seats; a total of 50,000 square metres of floor space; innovative, rearrangeable spaces for many indoor sports (handball, basketball and volleyball, futsal, ice hockey, tennis, skating) as well as certain athletic, equestrian and motorcycle competitions, and even swimming competitions and water polo matches in the mobile pool. Through the six entrances to the building, spectators can enter the arena’s interior using eight escalators, leading to the walk-through grandstands accessible on three levels. The structure of the building’s exterior is reminiscent of muscle fibres: the light strips placed on the outward-leaning, elliptical sections not only embrace the building, but the light shows, programmed using various colours, appear to set the entire building in motion. There is a 600 square metre display on the façade of the building. The Main Entrance leads to an impressive foyer, where visitors will be greeted by a grandiose hanging light installation of 848 handmade glass tubes. The programmable sports lighting is also suitable for HDTV broadcasts of the highest-level world competitions, as well as for super-slow-motion recordings due to flicker free technology. The lighting system also plays an important role in the events and concerts, as it is suitable for changing the colour temperature of the auditorium, which means that the lighting functions can be changed without rearranging the arena, only through the pre-programmed lighting controls. This design is the first and is unique in Europe for luminaires of this power. A central display (cube) provides information in the auditorium during the events.

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